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Money Order Domains (MOD) will be winding down operations in 2024.

Due to life changes I won't be able to reliably and quickly process money orders received.

Over the next year, domains should be renewed at other domain registrars.
To ease the transition we will accept money orders until January 1st 2024, and funds can be used for imminent renewals.

MOD will remain open for the next year or until the last domain is transferred out.
Unused funds can be refunded by PayPal or by US Postal Money Order.

To transfer a domain:

Many domain registrars now accept debit cards and pre-paid VISA cards. Verify before using.
Dynadot accepts money orders to fund pre-paid accounts.

Suggested registrars:

Thank you for your business over the years.
Regards, Doug

Money order payment instructions (until january 1 2024) (Instructions)