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Money Order Domain Registration

No Credit Card? No PayPal? / No Problem!

Don't have a credit card or PayPal account?
You can still purchase domains from Money Order Domains!

Money Order Domain Registration works on a pre-funded basis. Fund your account, then purchase the domains you want. You have complete control over your domains.
When you get low just re-fill your account.

We accept the following payment methods:


Check your money order total with our total payment calculator

No Checks

We do not accept checks or wire transfers

Domain Ordering Instructions

Do not tell us your desired domain names.
Do not 'register' the domain names in the control panel and wait for payment to clear. We cannot hold the name for you.
Fund your account then purchase domains from your balance

Please check your total before sending. Total Payment Calculator
Note that .uk domains have a 2 year registration minimum.
Check that you are eligible for the extension. US domains require US citizenship or US residency.

Send money orders in US Dollars.

Web Hosting Ordering Instructions

We strongly suggest you try the web hosting demo before ordering.

Check your total before sending. Use this handy calculator
Note that hosting requires a minimum 6 months payment and email hosting is separate charge.

Send money orders in US Dollars.